Spinal Decompression in Pacific Beach

Spinal Decompression in Pacific Beach CA

If you’ve ever had acute or chronic back pain, you know how miserable it can make your daily activities of living. Normal activities like lifting, turning, or even getting up and down from your chair, toilet or bed can be difficult to impossible. It’s hard to think of anything other than getting the relief you need. When searching for help there are an overwhelming number of options out there. Non-surgical Spinal Decompression in Pacific Beach is the most effective non-invasive technique available.

The spine is structurally composed of vertebral bones, vertebral discs (the supportive and mobile pads between the vertebrae), connective tissue (ligaments and tendons), muscles, veins and arteries.  All of these structural components are designed to structurally hold and protect the central nervous system, while allowing it to control, coordinate and regulate every aspect of your bodys’ functions.  When these spinal joints are misaligned (a.k.a. Subluxated) they become compressed. This compression not only causes structural stress but also compresses the spinal nerve roots which need room to exit the spinal canal at each spinal level. In the lumbo-sacral spine this compression can effect the nerves, muscles and tissues in the low back hips legs and feet and interfere with the function of the digestive system, eliminative system and reproductive system.

The most common part of the spine to experience excessive compression effects is the lumbo-sacral area. This is the low back and bears all the structural weight of the rest of the body. It is also the area most prone to disc bulges, herniations, degeneration and stenosis. In the lumbo-sacral spine this can cause symptoms such as low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, radiculopathy, numbness and tingling in the legs, weakness in the low back hips and legs, constipation, diarrhea, gas-bloating, colitis, nutritional deficiencies, infertility, erectile dysfunction in men, painful period cycles and/or loss of period in females.

How Spinal Decompression in Pacific Beach CA Can Help You

At Pacific Beach Chiropractic Group in Pacific Beach we create the most effective Spinal Decompression by using simple lumbo-sacral traction blocks (specifically shaped pelvic wedges placed under the hips in a face-down or face-up position, nothing fancy or expensive).  By using this very specific and proven technique we help relieve back pain and other related symptoms by gently opening compressed spinal discs and joint structures and stretching the spine. This changes the gravitational position and compressive force on the spine and nerve roots and takes pressure off spinal discs, which sit between the bones and cushion the spine. Over time, the bulging discs retract, taking the pressure off the nerves and relieving pain and symptoms. The process promotes the movement of oxygen and spinal fluid in the body, which helps to focus and speed the healing process.

Spinal decompression and lumbo-sacral traction is the best option for anyone who would rather not have surgery and for those who are tired of taking medication just to get through the day. It will not cause things to get worse, and many patients feel it’s worth a shot before going into surgery to fix an issue.

Spinal Decompression using lumbo-sacral traction does not require expensive machines or long periods of time in uncomfortable contraptions or positions.  A typical session will last anywhere from 3-8 minutes.

As part of your care and in order to promote a faster and a more long lasting healing response you may also receive specific and gentle Chiropractic adjustments and begin a home care regimen of cryotherapy (icing) and isometric stretches (a.k.a. yin-yoga).  It is important to understand that any natural healing process (i.e. non-surgical and no drugs) takes time, consistency and commitment, and it is important to go through a full detailed X-Ray analysis before beginning a care plan uniquely designed for your best results.

As you Pacific Beach Chiropractor we are here to help you live your best quality of life. If you are suffering with acute or chronic low back and pelvic pain, radiculopathy, numbness, weakness, digestive or reproductive illness, disease or injury and have tried other forms of healthcare with no results call our team at Pacific Beach Chiropractic Group today and find out if lumbo-sacral Spinal Decompression can help you. 858.230.7555

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